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T-ara (Tiara) Profile


Member Profile
Name: Park Sunyoung
Stage Name: Hyomin
Height: 167 cm
Birthday: May 30, 1989
Position: Lead Rapper, Lead Vocalist, Leader
Name: Jeon Boram
Height: 155 cm
Birthday: March 26, 1986
Position: Vocalist
Name: Lee Jihyeon
Stage Name: Q-ri
Height: 162 cm
Birthday: December 12, 1986
Position: SubVocalist
Name: Park Injung
Stage Name: Soyeon
Height: 163 cm
Birthday: October5, 1987
Position: Main Vocalist
Name: Ham Eunjung
Height: 167 cm
Birthday: December 12, 1988
Position: Lead Vocalist, Main Rapper
Name: Ryu Hwayoung
Position: Lead Rapper, Sub Vocalist
Birthday: April 22, 1993
Height: 168 cm
Name: Park Jiyeon
Birthday: June 7, 1993
Height: 167 cm
Position: Vocalist, Main Dancer & Maknae



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